Style-check at HSG: Eyecatcher der Startwoche – Part 2

With more or less 1400 Assessment-year Students there are a lot of different style types. We have checked your style and compiled some of the best ways to dress for the Start week. Two girls and three boys have been asked what they are wearing, from where it is and what the cost of it is. Take a look by yourself!


Die 6.

Claire, 20, Schweiz. English Assessment Year.

Shoes: Market in Shanghai, 10 CHF

Coat: Market in Shanghai, 75 CHF

Pants: Massimo Dutti, 80 CHF

T-shirt: Zara, 50 CHF

Scarf: Market in Shanghai, 10 CHF


Der 8.

Fabio, 19, Zürich. German Assessment Year.

Shoes: Converse, 110 CHF

Pants: Acne Jeans, 220 CHF

Sweater: Levis, 150 CHF

Jacket: Marc O’Polo, 350 CHF


Der 9.

Kasimir, 20, Bonn.

Shoes: Nike, 120 CHF

Pants: Polo Ralph Lauren, 180 CHF

Jacket: Massimo Dutti, 180 CHF

Glasses: Oliver people, 300 CHF

Apple: 1 CHF

Watch: Rolex, 6000 CHF


Die 7.

Ariana, 19, Zürich. English Assessment Year.

Shoes: New Balance, 120 CHF

Pants: Vero Moda, 80 CHF

Jacket: Zara, 130 CHF

T-shirt: Uniqlo, 55 CHF

Scarf: H&M, 18 CHF

Ring: Tiffany&Co., Geschenk

Earring: Forever 21, Geschenk

Watch: Swatch, Geschenk


der 10.

Moritz, 20, Zürich. German Assessment Year.

Shoes: Converse, 60 CHF

Pants: Nudie Jeans, 200 CHF

Hoodie: American Apparel, Geschenk

T-shirt: Super Dry, 50 CHF

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Charlene Fuerer

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